Central Norway

The history of Røros for children

Adresse: Peder Hiortsgate 2, 7374 Røros Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Peder Hiortsgate 2, 7374 Røros

A visit to a backyard – what was it like for children to live in Røros and what did
they play with? What is a "vaskarryss"? The tour passes through the narrowest
streets in the Mining Town and includes several activities along the way.

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Hotel & Zimmer

Vertshuset Røros

Entfernung: 237 Meter
Vertshuset Røros is situated in Rammgården at the heart of the Røros World Heritage site.
Hotel & Zimmer

Idrettsparken Hotel

Entfernung: 436 Meter
Idrettsparken Hotel is centrally located in Røros. The atmosphere is one of stillness and serenity, and our vision is "the guest in focus."
Art der Unterkunft

Bergstadens Hotel

Entfernung: 108 Meter