Hegra Fortress

Adresse: 7520 Hegra Karte anzeigen

Adresse: 7520 Hegra

Hegra Fortress. This name has a special sound, not only in Stjørdal and Trøndelag, but even in Europe. A symbol of power of resistance and bravery. This fortress´ heroic fight against the German occupation force in April-May 1940 ingnited a spark of hope and will-power in the occupied nations.
At the outbreak of war 1940 Hegra Fortress was armoured with, among other things, two 7,5 cm and four 10,5 cm canons. Hurriedly the canons were traversed from east to west, now pointing towards the warriors of the master race.
Hegra Fortress today: Guided tours, museum, souvenirs, café, facilities for conferences up to 40 persons.

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