Orkla Industrimuseum

Adresse: Torfinn Bjørnaas’ plass 2, 7332 Løkken Verk Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Torfinn Bjørnaas’ plass 2, 7332 Løkken Verk

Orkla Industrial Museum is situated in Løkken center, here you will find exhibits of mining operations and Thamshavnbanen. Through models, posters, videos and photos can study the history.
The train exhibition is one of the oldest material exhibited, including the world's oldest AC-powered locomotive, the train's railway locomotive No. 2, and the lavish "King Car", Christian Thams' private motor lounge car.
In the department which deals with mining operations are artifacts from 333 years of mining shown up, and an exhibition showing the activities of today's Orkla group. There is also a photo exhibition showing the development of Løkken early in 1900 - number.

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