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Scandic Rock City Hotel

Adresse: Sverres gate 35, 7800 Namsos  Karte anzeigen
Standort: Kystriksveien - Nord-Trøndelag

Hotel & Zimmer | The country’s first rock hotel opened in Namsos 11.11.2011 and is connected with Rock City - a resource centre for professional music and an action centre for Trønderlag rock. The hotel enjoys a fine location nearly down on the waterfront in the splendid surroundings of the city centre.

The hotel features functional surroundings in the rock mode. The hotel is decorated with hard, tough and durable materials, in contrast to the pastels and graphic elements inspired by retro 60s rock. The hotel and Rock City is closely linked and are physically connected via a glass corridor.

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Overhalla Hotel

This hotel is situated in Overhalla, 20 km from Namsos in the Namdalen Valley. It offers excellent fishing opportunities, and salmon fishing tours on the Namsen River can be arranged.


  • Norveg Touristinformation 45 km
  • Namsos Touristinformation 0,1 km
  • Grong Touristinformation 39 km
  • Rørvik sentrum (Vikna) 45 km
  • Overhalla sentrum 22 km
  • Kolvereid sentrum (Nærøy) 44 km
  • Høylandet 43 km
  • Foldereid sentrum (Nærøy) 64 km
  • Norveg (Vikna) 45 km
  • Rørvik Flughafen 44 km
  • Namsos Flughafen 4 km
  • Leka (Skei) 70 km
  • Gutvik (Leka) 70 km
  • Steinkjer Bahnhof 51 km
  • Namsskogan Bahnhof 95 km
  • Lassemoen Bahnhof 64 km
  • Grong Bahnhof 41 km
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